4 Reasons You Aren’t Sunday Driving…

Most people would probably say that Sunday leisure driving isn’t quite their speed. Here are several excuses that you might be letting hold you back from some good old local adventure waiting outside your door.

1. Money… who has it?
But guess what? Walking costs zero money! You need the exercise. It’s good for the constitution. As you walk, imagine the history behind the buildings you pass. If you are in the country, imagine what it would be like to be a homesteader. Try to name the trees and plant and flowers. Who ever said Sunday drives need to involve a car? (p.s. a Bike, snowmobile, or chariot would work too.)P2292762

2. Time… I ran out of that yesterday.
Sunday is Aaron’s one day off and one day to prepare for the work week. It’s a precious time usually filled with naps and Netflix when we don’t force ourselves out the door.
Do you really need to watch that rerun of CSI? Let me break it to you, they catch the guy. Now that I’ve just saved you 30 minutes, hop in your car and go driving. (alternatively See #1) See? Our poor kids are longing to get out of the house!P3243582

3. I can’t put more miles on my car, that depreciates the value.
When did you become a car collector? We’d be willing to bet that when you bought that car you bought it because it could get from point A to point B and keep you relatively comfortable while doing it. Cars aren’t a mutual fund. You bought it to drive! You might as well have some fun doing it. (alternatively See #1) See our Juanita LuAnna Wanda? She’s never been happier and she’s going on 10 years. Whew!


4. There is nothing to see for miles. I’m talking nothing-but-cornfields.
What if we told you that behind each one of those corn fields is a story, a new neighbor, and a fascinating tale of homesteading through very difficult times? If you were to give one of those neighbors a call and ask them about their farm, they just might be willing to tell you about it. Talk to people! These places are all interesting because of the people who lived there! Here is a picture of us on a hike with a friend we met on the trail. She and her husband were so sweet and we had a good time discussing the area, parenting (they had 5 kids), and photography!P2292799

So there! What’s your excuse?

-Aaron and Kezia

Since we’ve absolutely convinced you, when you do go out on a drive, send your story to Comments@drivingonsunday.com and we might publish it as a guest post.


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  1. We stopped the Sunday drives when the little ones started whining and getting carsick. Carsick is a really, really big reason not to have Sunday drives.

    However, there are tons of great spots here in rural the MD/ WV/ PA area!

    1. Oh dear! Trust me I understand the carsickness. Ever wondered why Kezia is never the one driving? No, I’m not just a misogynist who thinks women can’t drive. I get terribly carsick in any seat but that one.

      So far, we’ve only had two car sick incidents! We have definitely been blessed. Here’s hoping that continues.

      But don’t let the fussiness discourage you. Our littles fuss every time, at some point they get to a point where they can’t stand the carseat any more! We love stopping at the very next park we can find! We did that today and worked out some wiggles.