There’s a Story Down Every Road

Have you ever been driving somewhere and caught sight of a small, insignificant road rolling off to the horizon? It catches your eye for a moment and surprises you with its pull. What could be down that road? For a split second you waver in your course. But no. You shake off the feeling and put it out of your mind. After all, the driver behind you is infuriatingly close to your bumper, you have real places to go, and it could be nothing but a dead end. A disappointment.

Or you could (safely) slam on those breaks and do a (legal) U-turn. You could turn the corner to find a breathtaking view. A new friend. An old, forgotten story… You might just discover something beautiful, something ordinary but beautiful.

The next time you see that road, DO IT. Take that chance and go for it. No expectations. Don’t stress out looking for a story or adventure. It will find you if you give it a┬áchance.

-Aaron, Kezia
Clarence & Anders

the road

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