About Us

bout us collageMeet our family!

Aaron is known for his extensive knowledge of historical tidbits and random trivia. He loves to cook, write, dream about farming, and, of course, drive!

Kezia is the one who takes pictures, sits in the mom seat, and makes sure everyone is fed and happy. She enjoys meeting new people, singing, and homemaking.

Clarence is a verbose kid who takes being the oldest seriously. He loves nothing better than trains and bridges. He not only can remember everything like his father, but seems very interested in photography (using his mini binoculars).

Anders is a rolly polly toddler who keeps up with the rest of us just fine. His favorite things so far are dogs, swimming, and playing cars with his brother.

The latest Nielsen baby is due in the fall and we can’t wait to bring him or her on our Sunday drives with us!

Every month Aaron and Kezia will pick a handful of places to visit. Sometimes we know where we’re going, but  most times we don’t. Every week we will be sharing our pictures and stories, rich history and forgotten places, and tips to slow down to enjoy life as it passes by.

As a family, we want to adopt the mindset of the wholesome Sunday drive. We’ll be driving, but also walking, biking, and exploring in all sorts of ways. The best part is, you’re invited to come along!

Amazing things happen when you are willing to stop, make a u-turn, go down that road, and talk people. There is a story down every road.

Come drive with us!

Aaron, Kezia
Clarence, Anders & Baby