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Driving on Sunday was launched in February 2016 and now attracts over 1000 Sunday Drivers every month. Our family loves driving down the back roads to dig up the stories and histories that are hidden down every single road. We love to encourage people to learn to love the obscure nooks and crannies hiding near their homes and give them advice for how to do it more often, for less money, and less stress. (Because what is the point if you aren’t getting something out of it.)

We’d say that Driving on Sunday is a “labor of love” because of our dedication to getting out there and driving, but the joy we receive from spending time as a family and meeting new people takes this from a “weekly grind” to a passion and even a weekly craving. Every week, we share our stories and tips in blog posts, hidden histories and stories in our YouTube series, Drive by History, and share glimpses of driving all over the world sent in by our dedicated readers in more than 10 different countries.

Our Audience

Driving on Sunday speaks to anyone wanting to get out of their house, learn to love their home and meet new people, but our biggest audience is young home schooling moms who want to take their kids out for adventures.

Stats and Numbers

  • 360+ Facebook Fans
  • 60+ Email Subscribers
  • 51 Instagram Followers
  • 500+ Average Monthly Channel Views on Youtube (Based on February to July 2016 Stats)
  • 1000+ Average Unique Visitors Per Month (Based on February to July 2016 Stats)

More Details:

We accept private sponsors that add value to our readers and could help encourage them to get out and explore. For a very reasonable rate that we can negotiate, your business or blog will be prominently displayed on our right side bar and seen on every page of Thriving Home.

Ads are filled on a first come, first serve basis. All ads will be invoiced via paypal and must be paid for prior to the placement of the ad. Here is what we currently have available:


Sponsored Posts and videos:

If your business would make a great Sunday Driving destination another option for you is to sponsor a Sunday Drive. This will introduce your product or service to our audience by showing our family enjoying it firsthand.  Along with the post we can share a coupon or special gift just for our readers that shows them how thankful you are that they drove out your way.

Even if your business can’t be visited on a Sunday Drive, you can still tell Sunday Drivers all about your product or service. We love to promote things that make life easier, more enjoyable, and in the end give our readers more time and energy to go on more Sunday Drives.  Rates on sponsored posts and videos will vary. Please Contact us for more specifics if you are interested in this option.

Special Events:

If you want a whole caravan of Sunday Drivers to visit your business ALL at once, consider sponsoring a group drive. Imagine a big group coming right to your door for a meal, a special tour, a concert, one time deal. Rates on Special Events depend on distance and duration. Please Contact Us to see if we will be doing an event in your area!

Other Options:

We’re always looking for better ways to promote your work. If you have an idea send us an email at Comments @ or through the contact page and let us know how Sunday Drivers can work for you! We’d be happy to answer any questions or work with your specific advertising needs or requests.

Please contact us HERE for more information about how we can support you!


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