What Sunday Drivers Need!

One of my biggest fears as a Sunday Driver is the humiliation of looking like I don’t belong. What says that more than anything else? Making a U-turn or worse… using someone’s drive way to turn around. The solution I have found is to be bold, be brave, and tell the world “You know what, I’m on a Sunday Drive and if I’m turning around it’s not because I’m lost, it’s because I saw something back there I want to get a second look at.” And there is no better way to do that than with bumper stickers.

An example of a driveway we would not want to turn around in.

Now that you have been converted into Sunday Drivers you’ve probably come across the worst part of Sunday Driving… EVERY OTHER CAR ON THE ROAD. All you are trying to do is get a few (hundred) photos of that barn on the side of the road but the line of 20 cars behind you won’t let you concentrate with all their honking. I think it is just because they don’t understand. What you need is a clear warning that you are going to be stopping at any given moment. Might I suggest bumper stickers?

You could get your bumper sticker from any old pit stop. You might even find a unique one that says something like “I Break For Armadillos!” But then you wouldn’t have a story to tell about where you got it. When you buy one of our bumper stickers and people ask you, “What’s the story behind those bumper stickers?” You can tell them this story.

One Sunday Afternoon, the world’s most famous Sunday Drivers were driving down one of Missouri’s picturesque highways when they decided to turn off onto a pleasant looking country road in search of an old historic house related to the Schoppenhorst house they had found previously. P1111353They looked diligently at their Delmore Atlas and Gazetteer to see where the road went. After several whole minutes of studying the map they decided to take quick pitstop at a Dollar General to ask the locals if they knew anything about the unnamed road they were inquiring about. The store clerk, unsure of the road, called her brother who was a delivery driver and coincidentally had just delivered a pizza to someone on that road. He added that he thinks he had seen the old house they were looking for. Confident that they could find it, they set off into the rapidly setting sun. After a mile, the road stopped at a fork. To the left, a broken down bridge across the Charrette Creek, to the right, a dark and forbidding narrow dirt road.

Left with no choice, they turned right. The road dropped into a shallow ravine along side the creek, and crawled up over a hill until it ended at a field guarded by an ominous looking house. Two vicious dogs came running out towards the car. Off in the distance a man wearing worn out jeans and a sweat stained wife-beater drinking a tall boy beneath the gentle wave of his rebel flag while he glared at them with indignation.

Thankfully their trusty van was able to turn on a dime and escape whatever fate might have befallen them had they not obeyed the stern encouragement to leave. Disappointed they had not found the house they were looking for, they set off back towards home. Once their pulses had settled, they resolved that next time they went on an adventure, they would come prepared with Bumper Stickers to declare their intent. They are just Sunday Drivers. All of that could have been avoided if they had just had the correct bumper stickers.527_350x350_Front_Color-White

Not sure where to get the right bumper stickers? Try this link here. Don’t want to put a sticker on your car but still want to show your colors? Get a bumper magnet here. Nearly limitless possibilities are available. And if there isn’t one you like, let us know and I will design a custom one for you.

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