Drive by History Ep. 17 – History at a Truckstop

Who said you can’t learn history at a truckstop? Here’s an awesome story about a man who tried getting a riverboat up to Springfield, IL with the help of none other than Abraham Lincoln.

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Drive by History Ep. 16 – Great River Road

On this rainy afternoon, we went driving on Missouri’s Great River road. Lot’s of history and a very scenic drive. Drive by for some history, tell Clarence about the flower he found, see a fun game Kezia came up with, and just general cuteness.

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Driving in Tuscany – Rebekah Nielsen

I called my sister Bekah for some personal advice the other day. (She’s great for that. I keep trying to convince her she needs to do some sort of Human Resources Podcast but so far she hasn’t listened to me.) Well anyway, she apologized to me because she couldn’t talk, they had just gotten to their destination in Rome and were getting all settled in.

I said I’d forgive her if she showed us what driving in Italy was like and she got us these three videos in Tuscany.  I put them all in one for you!

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