Challenge: The Sunday Driver’s Summer Scavenger Hunt

13551197_10153689683856911_1919976581_nGetting the most out of your Sunday Drive can be a big challenge if you aren’t used to doing it. What do you look for? Where do you stop? What sorts of things have a story behind them? The short answer is everywhere and everything! Literally every thing you pass has at least some sort of story behind it. But that can prove yet another challenge… what is worth stopping for? That is what he hope to help you accomplish with our new…


That’s right, join us in finding the stories down your road by subscribing to our weekly Scavenger hunt. Here’s how it will work. Just Subscribe¬†and wait to receive the first challenge in your email inbox starting Friday July 8th. Free of charge, of course!

How to Win the Challenge

Winning is easy, all you have to do is find three out of the five items on the downloadable checklist each week and submit them to us at Here are some samples.

  1. Find an Antique Car
  2. Share a story from someone you just met
  3. Eat at a restaurant you haven’t before
  4. Cross a County Line
  5. Travel to another State

Challenge Winners

Each week you send in your winning scavenger hunt checklist gets you a shoutout on our facebook page and if you complete all 4 scavenger hunts in a single month you will be entered into a drawing for one of the official Driving on Sunday Bumper Stickers or Magnets. (A $5.00 Value)


Challenge your friends to a Summer Scavenger Hunt and become a true Sunday Driver.

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