Disastrous Drive

I hope that we’ve made it very clear that our lives aren’t that idyllic, despite having two (three, actually) charming offspring, a sweet ride, and living in an awesome city.

We’ve told you about some of our mishaps and kid problems and getting lost. Those stories don’t even begin to measure up to the awful, no good, very bad drive we had Sunday.

It started out so perfectly…

The breeze. The sunshine. The fact that the humidity level was less than 90%. It was the perfect drive. We had planned and packed a delicious picnic, and as I left the house I prided myself in the fact that I couldn’t imagine being any more prepared.

We ventured into wine country and day dreamed about our one-day home.
Come drive by our day dream…Picture an idyllic mid-19th century farmhouse overlooking the rolling hills painted with a vibrant display of Missouri’s best wildflowers. A kitchen completely remodeled with energy efficient appliances and a gas stove and a vast counter top with plenty of room to spread out and get your hands dirty while you look out the panoramic windows at the neighborhood children playing in the fields below. A wrap around porch, partially screened in, provides the perfect place to have a morning cup of coffee and an afternoon cup of tea.

These pleasant pictures rolled through our heads as we laughed with our kids. We drove in our leisurely way along side motorcyclists enjoying the winding roads and made other people annoyed by slowing down to look at barn quilts. We were rock star Sunday Drivers if ever there were some.P6061430We stopped for this photo. The slithering water snake (probably venomous, right?) should have warned us of the doom to come, but I only saw the tranquility of the river scene.

After stopping for a few photos ops we eventually found ourselves at the Bias Winery.P6061465Bias Winery is one of the smaller and newer Vineyards but that doesn’t mean it has any less of a history. Started in the 1970s, this vineyard has only had 2 sets of owners. The current owners were frequent customers and wanted to keep the brand alive and bought it from the original owner. Since then they began micro-brewing in batches of only 30 gallons making them one of the first wineries to begin a microbrewery. Now of course many wineries have microbreweries but this wasn’t always the case. Aaron was eagerly looking forward to trying his free samples after we went for a pleasant little walk around the winery back to the small pond they have in back. They even had Mater parked there waiting for us.P6061488P6061510
We quickly added this spot to our day dream about our dream house because there was a pleasant little picnic table under a shady tree on the banks of this stocked pond. But then, just as we were about to walk back for Aaron’s free samples-disaster struck.

I won’t go into detail, but poor little Anders lost his lunch and continued in that way for our two hour car trip home. And no, I wasn’t prepared like I thought I was. In my pregnant state I didn’t handle it well. To keep the poor kid distracted I gave him toys and books, sang and made weird faces, nursery rhymes and everything I could think of. He cried the whole way home, poor buster. It was awful but… not a complete loss. I’m sure we could say the usual “Some day we’ll look back at this and laugh.” But in a real sense we gained a real experience that we will not soon forget, we added a new favorite spot to our mental map of Missouri, and realized that we need to bring a roll of paper towels and trashbags as well as a change of clothes. Okay, and Clarence stealthily took this picture when we weren’t looking. So not all a loss.P6061540

Hopefully this blog won’t be completely full of puking kid stories.

Thanks for driving with us and thanks for coming along on our very bad, no good, awful drive through wine country.


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