Does your life make the cut?

There is a tendency with bloggers to make it seem like every aspect of their life is AMAZING! Down to the clothes on their kids to the food on their tables. Every post is about some awesome trip they took, or how they got in the best shape of their lives, or how their morning routine has put their life in a state of perpetual zen! Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret. (Our lives aren’t any better than yours) It’s just that blogging about everyday stuff in an every day way doesn’t pay the bills or float the boat or whatever phrase you want to use. Bloggers are usually just trying to sell you things (You know like 10% off CoffeeCash rebates on stuff you already buy, or clever witty bumper stickers). I don’t think I need to go into why they do this, most people understand those business basics.

But this brings us to a real problem. We bloggers are so focused on making you envy our lives enough to buy what we are selling you that we neglect to blog about some of the smaller every day things that we find while Driving on Sunday. Sure there usually isn’t enough to turn into a whole post, but they still made for a great afternoon. And quite frankly, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t point out the little stuff. It’s what I’m telling you to do in almost every post. So this is going to be a grab bag of some really cool things that just didn’t make the cut.

Roadside Rock SculptureP2222308

Do you remember when we went to Elsah? (In retrospect I should have called that post “Elsah is Frozen in Time.” Sigh… missed opportunities.
You might remember that on our trip up there we had to stop to buy new clothes for Clarence because we discovered he had inherited the carsick gene. That very same day, Kezia got off the road to take a look at a small waterfall and when she did she saw this really neat rock sculpture. I like to imagine that some of the local kids were enjoying a day of rock climbing and bike riding and sat down in this grotto to rest when they decided to stack some rocks. There may not be much history behind it, but that would make for a very cute children’s story.

Truss Bridge at Morse Mill ParkP5025202

We just stumbled on this ruined old bridge when we went to visit the Sandy Creek Covered bridge. Clarence was hoping that we could either go for a hike or fly his new kite but Sandy Creek isn’t a great place to do either of those. There isn’t a hiking trail and there aren’t any open places. So we told him we were going to go “Find a Hike.”
We went driving for a while until we saw signs for the Morse Mill Park and thought that looked like a good place. We got out of the car, Kezia and Anders set up the picnic blanket while Clarence and I had a blast trying to get our kite to work. And then we discovered an old truss bridge that you can walk across. It looks like it’s a favorite place for Jefferson County Residents and lots of people were there fishing, swimming, and just enjoying the nice sunny afternoon. We saw some ruins and after a cursory glance at the history, we definitely have to head back and give this one another look. You can even pitch a tent and camp there. Sounds like a great weekend to me.

Swoon Worthy Country scenes

Kezia and I must be crazy but we have this dream of living in an old farm house some day. So naturally when we’re cruising down the highway and we see one we slam on the breaks and veer off the road to get a look at it. And this new camera of hers hasn’t helped at all. I now have the reflex of slowing down whenever I see her raise her camera in my peripheral vision. Kezia absolutely loves getting out to take pictures of things and probably 90% of those awesome pictures don’t make it into the blog. That’s a real shame because while we don’t know the stories behind them, we usually spend the next hour or two imagining our lives in one of those farm houses. I probably need to make better notes of the things we stop to take pictures of because whenever I have done a little digging, I haven’t regretted it.P4113935

Adorable animals

On our little country cruises, we often stop short to Ooh and Aah at some lovable and loved pets and livestock. Neither of us ever grew up with many animals, and we definitely appreciate their aesthetic appeal when sprawled across a pasture or nibbling sweet grass on a cloudy day. burro

Some happy animals on a minifarm near St. Albans

Breath Taking Views

We haven’t yet come up with a good method of stopping at precisely the moment when the best views are in view but we’re working on it. Missouri’s Rolling Hills, Bluffs, and Glades often provide movie worthy shots that Kezia is learning to master. Just like with the swoon worthy farm scenes, we like to imagine life in the 1800s perhaps for the explorers like Lewis and Clark. I had one of the most breathtaking views when we went to Beardstown when I went for a morning walk. I could see cattle grazing on the hills for miles but sadly, I didn’t bring the camera so I couldn’t share it with you.
I don’t consider this love of picturesque landscapes a character flaw like our habit of swooning for old farm houses because even Clarence will look out the window and say “WOW! That was AMAZING!” (Perhaps you’d call that indoctrination, but I call it teaching kids to appreciate the little things.)P4114080
One time when we were driving in Illinois we saw some fields that had all of these strange shapes in them. They weren’t crop circles… (we think) but we thought that it would have been awesome if we’d been able to get a shot from above with a drone. But alas, we have yet to buy a drone. Maybe if I keep blogging about how amazing our life is I’ll be able to afford one.

An industrial scene from our recent riverboat excursion

I could go on

The fact is that even though we don’t always go to the “destination of a life time” (in fact we almost never do) we’ve discovered that we love the little things.

And that’s what I really want to sell to you. Well, not sell, give.
People pass photo worthy, story worthy, and Sunday drive worthy destinations every single day and we want you to developed the ability to appreciate them. Do you appreciate it? I hope this peek into the moments that don’t even make it into our posts have inspired you to join the Sunday Driving Movement. Think of everything that you could see!
And when you do, be sure to let us know. We’d love to share some of your pictures with our readers. Until next time,
Thanks for Driving with us!

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