Driving in… a Train

My amazing little sister was heading up to Concordia University Chicago for a Sign Language intensive and thought she’d share a video of her train travel.
I love trains, Kezia and I spent many hours on trains when I was courting her. I remember the day before our first kiss. We were riding the green line and I had my arm around her. I desperately wanted to share that first kiss with her but I had a COLD and selflessly spared her from the blight.

Kezia and I have many fond memories on the train. Perhaps that’s why Clarence is so obsessed with them now. I used to commute over an hour by train after work to visit her while we were courting. Do you have a train story to share?┬áHere’s one of my favorites.

When we were a young courting couple, Kezia helped me move into my new apartment. I needed only the essentials, my books and my navy blue wingback chair. We set the monstrous thing on wheels and carried it up stairs to the EL train, and traveled 11 miles with it to the apartment in oak Park. We only got kicked off one train and the rest of the passengers just chuckled. That chair sits in our house to this day.

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