It’s Not Sunday, Stupid

There is one comment that we get more often than any other, and it isn’t “how do you get your boys to behave so well” or “how do you make enough money to go aimlessly driving.” Which is good, because my answers to both of those questions are “we don’t, really.”P4113929

No…the question they ask is “Why do you go driving on Sunday?” or “How can you go #drivingonsunday when it’s NOT EVEN SUNDAY?” Those are good questions which I plan to elaborate on, but first let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young father who was just finishing a particularly hard day of work when his boss comes in and dumps a whole pile of papers. There isn’t an urgent deadline on these papers, but the edifice that has been dumped before him represents the fact that he is no further along than he was at the beginning of the day’s labor.

He has now come to a cross roads. He could dive into his work and begin to whittle it down, leaving less for tomorrow or he could go home to his gorgeous wife who made him his favorite meal (meat loaf… but not her recipe, his grandma’s recipe because that’s the way to make it. This discussion cost him about $500 in counseling fees when they first got married) and their 3 bouncing baby boys who are ready to pounce in playful joy the minute he steps over the threshold.

But just then he remembers he isn’t living a 1950’s sitcom (his family is so much more wonderful than that) and regardless of how wonderful his family is (did I say they are wonderful?) the thought of being at home brings a whole other set of overwhelming thoughts involving a hard day of work. Still insisting on spending time with his family, he comes up with a third option, and option of fun for the whole gang! He suggests they go for a drive!

He calls up his Honey and says “Oh honey, you’ve been working so hard. Why don’t we save the roast duck for another day and pack a picnic dinner for a nice evening drive!”P2282589

What an idea that is! We could all relax in the comfort of our captains chairs (only some of us restrained with 5 point harnesses. Obviously this isn’t the 50’s since safety belts aren’t optional anymore…)  and enjoy a nice evening as the sun sets. Then we can return home and literally throw the boys in bed without so much as a whimper and everyone can go to sleep with a smile.

She loves the idea, they all get in the car and enjoy delicious egg salad sandwiches as they point to picturesque farm houses, walk along park trails, and imagine what it would be like to walk in everyone’s shoes. And just like he imagined, everyone went to sleep with the aforementioned smile.P1251556

The End.

With that image, I think I have made my point. Going for a drive is often much easier than dealing with real life. You may also have caught in my subtlety that this story happens on a work day which means that it is sometime between Monday and Friday and coincidentally not on a Sunday. How can this be, you asked? Well if you understand the metaphor that is at play here you see that Sunday Driving doesn’t necessarily involve the day or  even the action of driving. #Drivingonsunday is in fact a state of mind that includes but is not limited to the following:

1. A sense of Wanderlust (See things with new eyes)
2. A sense of Imagination (Let your mind wander to what it must have been like in the past)
3. A sense of Humor (because Clarence will ask you Why the Chicken Crossed the Road about 1000x)
4. A sense of sight (because it would be quite dangerous to drive without this)
5. A desire to tread off the beaten path (You might be able to claim a discovery of something before it was cool)
6. A desire to see new things (Or maybe old things!)
7. A desire to enjoy the amazing things that are all around you (perhaps the most important)
8. A desire to appreciate your home (see above!)
9. A desire to put the drudgery of the week behind you

If you have any of those things, even your morning commute can be a Sunday Drive. (Although, I’d suggest maybe turn the evening commute into a Sunday Drive instead. This way you can make it to work on time. And maybe stick to the beaten path, I’m told they don’t like it if you drive on the sidewalks.)

So really, anytime you are out and about. Enjoying the stories down every road, take some pictures, talk to some strangers, look at the little things and if you do, be sure to share them with us at #drivingonsunday (did I mention #drivingonsunday enough?) We might just invite you to turn your story into a guest post!

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