Would you take this road?

You see a road, it’s not on your route and you have no idea where it leads. Go down that road if…

You are intrigued.

You are inspired.

You love a well-kept farm.P6270339

You’re a true Star Wars fan.P7040370

You have an aquatic carP1020611

You wish you had an aquatic car.P7040345

You like haunted old buildingsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You hear it calling to you.
P3213433You are classy.
P5090164You love a good mystery.P7040380You love trees.P5301248You love a good “bumpy road.”P2081921

You love a good Sunday Drive.


Whether the road calls to you because it’s whimsical or practical, mysterious or familiar, take that road. Give it a chance to surprise you.

What makes you turn your car? Send us 1 picture or sentence about the kind of roads that you can’t resist going down!

Send it to us at comments@drivingonsunday.com

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