An Ode to a Much Abused Car

P4043533Oh Loretta… I mean Leona… wait I mean Juanita, our Mini-van.
I’ve been with a lot of cars. That sedan we got from grandma that had the blue crayon permanently melted onto the back seat. There was the Windstar Minivan we bought from a friend and later totaled in a roll over accident followed by the other Windstar we bought that had the VCR and the video screen that we thought was so cool. Then there was Rachel, my sleek green Ford Ranger truck, how she would crawl up the Missouri hills in 4th, I mean 3rd gear working all her gears like the little engine that could. A few months after our wedding, we welcomed Leona into our life. A petite white compact that needed a little TLC and some WD-40. I drove her into the ground, conveniently right in front of a mechanics shop. But of all the cars, You have been the most loyal.

You carried my wife to her piano lessons and tea parties when she was a young girl. You delivered her to Minnesota and Idaho to visit grandparents adding countless miles to your ever expanding odometer. You brought my sons home from the hospital. You selflessly drive me home from work every day and put up with us when we fail to give you a Sabbath rest while we go Sunday Driving. You never refuse to turn on a dime when Kezia sees an old barn or a monument. You hold it together when a flying rock cracks your windshield or you get t-boned by a distracted driver and still have the strength to put the pedal to the metal to get to the hospital before the baby crowns the same night. You never complain about the coffee stains or milk stains or… worse stains, or the crumbs from messy toddlers and even messier adults. And best of all, you take us for adventures and you do it all for just filling your 15 gallon tank.

So just this once, let me thank you, my grayish bluish 2006 Toyota Sienna for being a great car. Here’s to 230,000 miles and hoping for another 230,000 more (because let’s be honest I don’t really have the money to replace you before then).




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