Mom Seat… Is it Worth it?

Life in the mom seat is a continual pain in the neck- literally. Sure, I love taking care of my family, and I enjoy our drives together. But I won’t lie to you and say that it is easy to be in the Mom Seat on a long vacation. Some people call it the passenger seat, but I’ve long since been promoted. Now I not only swivel around every few minutes to answer a question, break up a tantrum, fetch a dropped sippy cup, and distribute snacks. It’s exhausting, really, as any mom (or dad or sibling or grandparent) can attest.
But whether you’re in a vehicle or out of it, vacation can be an exhausting combination of idyllic and insane.
P7141398Moments later… Post-swimming distress and angst meltdown.P7141427Snoozing in a hammock in the quiet woods.P7141433 Moments later…P7141437

Pouring a morning cup of joe. Complete with the war cries of small children demanding their breakfast.P7171760

But we survived it, and even though as family road-trip newbies we planned WAY too much in our week, we don’t really regret it. Despite the hardships of restraining a 1.5 year old who really just wants to run and tumble and play, or being chastized by a three year old for not having six foot long retractable arms to grab that VERY IMPORTANT toy that somehow fell into a chasm between the seats, or not just feeding the kids sugar to keep them quiet for a little bit of time…we had some amazingly peaceful and wonderful times. Like when Clarence was asleep.P7161722
So maybe I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to manning (or womanning) the Mom seat, but I’m learning. And I’d like to learn from you. What are some tips and tricks that you have learned so that you can enjoy Sunday Driving? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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  1. Decades of motion sickness have earned me the steering wheel and my husband the title of co-pilot. He does very well juggling snacks, GPS, and beverages. (I cannot look backwards in a moving vehicle. I get nauseous in a hurry!) He would probably LOVE the extendable/ retractable arms for lost shoes, pacifiers, and stuffed animals. Yes, if there is one thing being the parents of small people has taught us it is to lower our expectations on what we think we can accomplish in a given amount of time, but BLESS you two for your optimism in taking your family on a trip! Love your pictures. I especially apprecite the “real-ness” of the crying toddler shot; I know it well!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Amber! Aaron gets horrible motion sickness. So glad that I don’t, it must be awful!
      Considering how much we had planned, it ended up turning out okay, plus we got to see you all!

  2. Four kids and ten years into parenting and long road trips to visit family, I say audiobooks and snacks are life-savers. Who cares about too much sugar? The goal is a happy family in the car. Plus, you’re on vacation! Vacation is all about staying up too late, eating junk food, and saying yes to silly things. Keep on taking road trips – they do get easier, especially with lots of snacks.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lauren! We haven’t done any audio books yet, but now that our kids are a little older, I definitely think we will give it a try. And thanks for the validation in our junk food binge. 😀 So glad to know another family that loves a good road trip.