Tough Enough For a Toddler

Hello. Kezia here.

I’ve always liked the idea of hiking. I come from an outdoorsy family- one side was born to hunt and fish while the other has camping and spelunking flowing through their veins. I even have an aunt and uncle who are completely blind and like to be dropped off at the top of a mountain to camp for a month every summer. Alone.

Recently we did go on a Sunday hike, and as usual, I slathered sunscreen and prayed that the ticks would flee from our path. As my husband mentions at the beginning of our Drive By History video from the trail, we started out kinda rough. P4254837The Englemann trail has a confusing entrance, or maybe we’re just novices. We found ourselves winding down a small narrow path that kept getting smaller and narrower.

“I thought you said the trail was ‘easy to moderate.'” I grumbled.

“Keep going!” Clarence yelled like the little drill sergeant he is.P4254962

“This totally is moderate!” Aaron replied as he leaped over a fallen log and through a marshy stream.

Then we stopped short. The “trail” was gone, and we doubted everything.

After Aaron ran back to the car twice to check for maps and get diapering supplies, we finally cut a different direction and found the REAL entrance to the trail. P4254872After that, it was smooth sailing and a completely delightful hike. The wildflowers were indeed blooming.P4254888

There were multiple babbling brooks and pleasant streams.P4254936

There was such a small amount of wildlife that we were rather puzzled. Other than maybe one brave bird chirping up in the treetops, we did not see any.P4254943

We definitely recommend this charming trail. It was difficult enough for our 3 year old and easy enough for us, with plenty of flora (if not fauna) to admire. After your hike, why not pop into Head’s Store for a nice piece of pie?

Thanks for driving with us!



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