How to Vacation Like a Sunday Driver, Part 2

If you missed it, click here to read Part 1 of our vacation.

As I mentioned in the last post, our vacation was a thrilling roller coaster ride of fun and crazy. We were now two nights into very little sleep and no nap times. I’m told that this is a very effective means of torture used by military investigators around the world. But we refused to give up the location! (Except in a couple of live streams on our Facebook page. But other than that, we were a closed book.)

After a lovely breakfast with Kezia’s family, we got on the road again, this time headed north Towards Green Bay to fulfill one of my childhood dreams, visiting Lambeau Field!

I had often heard about how this is one of the last true football stadiums. (Whatever that means.) We were disappointed, however, that security rules made it impossible to see the field without spending $15 on a tour or seeing the hall of fame (for $15 dollars) So instead we just wandered around the atrium.


And we also made it to the gift shop. Not usually what we do on a Sunday Drive but it gave the boys some time to stretch their legs, and some fun photo opportunities. It is amazing what they can put a logo on. From classic trucks to electric guitars, shirts, teddy bears, and fine china, pencils, and crayons. P7120945Everything was branded with that Big G. We did make sure to teach Clarence how to properly wear a Cheesehead which excited him. As we were walking out of the gift shop he called us over and said “Look, I just found something funny called Cheese Hands!”


But after that fun little adventure and a quick lunch of Pizza it was time to get back to where we would be staying. But we were certain to appreciate that spectacular views we had on our way back.

Neither of us had ever been to Wisconsin for much time, and we were amazed by the gorgeous countryside, lush summer greenery, and the sea… I mean lake. The Great Lakes are a real treasure that I definitely recommend you take advantage of. Sandy beaches, history, caves, lighthouses, and some epic Sunday Driving. This picture is the view that our brother Eli gets to enjoy every day at College.

Our second overnight location was in a great one bedroom apartment in Two Rivers owned by a fellow named Josiah. Josiah’s apartment reminded us so much of our first apartment in Oak Park, IL and made us nostalgic of our first year of marriage (or maybe it’s just that our 4th Anniversary is this week). We envisioned the cute ways Kezia used to decorate that small but comfortable place and made us feel like home. But unlike our apartment in Oak Park, if you opened the windows you could hear the waves of Lake Michigan crashing into the shore, not the “El” train, and commuter trains freight trains at all hours of the night.

After a short nap we all put on our swim suits and took the boys to the beach. I built an awesome Sand Pyramid as magnificent as the ones at Giza. However, just like Napoleon, Anders decided to repurpose my building supplies. Although he turned it into a bed instead of a wall. We would have amazingly idyllic beach pictures, but Kezia was nervous about the mixture of sand and expensive cameras. This trip, however, kindled a strong love in Clarence of beaches, and he threw quite the fit when we left. But we placated him by stopping at Family Video and picking one of their free kid’s movies.

After a good night’s sleep we began our trip through Door County and as I mentioned earlier there is so much to see!

Clarence was sad that we weren’t going to the beach (again, this outburst happened every 1.5 hours) but we took the opportunity to show him his first lighthouse! This was in Kewaunee and it was a fantastic morning walk. P7090543The waves crashed into the breakwater, seagulls were busy fishing which made for a great show for the boys, and Anders anxiously pulled all of my hair out. (Don’t worry it has all grown back by now.)P7131087We spent a lot of time trying to take pictures but the combination of the wind, the squirmy boys, and the sun reflecting off of the water made getting a good picture difficult. (Not to mention Aaron’s complete lack of photography skills. It’s hard to believe he ever won an award for his photography.) It’s a good thing that Kezia is around with her awesome Camera.




We started heading up the coast into Door County. If you haven’t heard of Door County, you are missing out. There is so much to see and there is no wonder why it has been a Sunday driving destination for over 100 years. Right along the highway we saw these handmade gems which were quite tempting to Kezia, but she settled on just a snapshot instead. But she did make me promise to carve her an Easter Island head some day.


By this point we are excited to finally make it to Door County and we had no clue what awesome things we would see on our way up there. But at over 900 words it will have to wait until part three. What do you think we will see in Door County? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to like and share us on facebook. Until next time. Thanks for driving with us!


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