We’re so glade you’re here.

We hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have lost family and friends for the sake of their country!

Our weekend gave us several stories and many hours of sunshine and happiness.
P5291082About a year ago when we were out driving down near Hillsboro, MO we came across the Valley View Glades at just the precise moment when the boys needed to get out and stretch their legs. So we got out and began walking down the slope. We made it part way around the to where the landscape opens up into a breathtaking scene of wild flowers across the horizon. P5291094Seeing that this would be a trail of about 2 miles and the fact that we were in church clothes, we decided to head back to the car planning to come back another day. As we climbed back up the hill Clarence began to reassure himself, “This hill is really tough. I’m strong for this hill. I think I can.” He did, he made it up the hill and we all got back into the car, but we knew we had to come back.

This past weekend my brothers trickled down from their respective northern states and spent a few days tagging along with us on some drives. We took advantage of having mannies for the weekend. All we had to do was feed them and give them slightly comfortable surfaces to sleep on at night. (And maybe let Clarence give them sloppy peanut butter wake up kisses and hugs.) In return, Aaron and I were able to put our feet up a bit while Clarence and Anders got personal body guards on the playground. I don’t think we made my brothers change any diapers over the course of the three days together, and so they were very good sports about the arrangement. P5291045The Uncles don’t typically wake up before noon on holidays but they groggily awakened in time to hike before the temperature entered sweltering heights.
Our first escapade with our out of town servants guests found us right back at the beautiful Glades. It was a gorgeous day to go hiking, a cool breeze blew, the flowers showed their sunny faces, and the trail was basically a river. We should have worn galoshes, in fact.P5291040Despite the raging torrent washing down the trail, we walked anyway. Because if there is one thing that we’re trying to prove on this blog it’s that these little hiccups are what make the trip so interesting. It ended up working wonderfully well because there just happened to be a large body of water blocking the trail so that we had to turn around and we got back home in time for naps (a mom’s #1 goal). Here is photographic evidence of our bafflement.P5291123This is one of the few places that allow you to see what the landscape may have been like for the pioneers heading west. It’s not hard to imagine a covered wagon and oxen trudging across this landscape.P5291030

Does anyone know any history on these glades? Other that what Aaron found out for his Drive By History video, so help us out!
We certainly haven’t seen enough of the glades, and  will have to go back for a nice hike around the full 2.6 mile loop, sadly without brotherly companions. Hopefully it will be a bit more dry and we’ll be a bit more prepared. Speaking of prepared, keep your eyes out for a post soon on the ways we get prepped for a Sunday Drive!

Thanks for driving with us.

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